Reserved for Debbie H / Gaea Handmade MTO

These sets feature my original art and are perfect for your jewelry or craft project! Your support of artist made goods is greatly appreciated!

$12 #3 8-20-20

$14 #30 MTO shipping early November 2020

$12 Crow "caw" shiny black

$15 #59 with red rose and green leaf

$18 Day of the Dead skull with 3 flowers. Center large flower in dark purple and 2 smaller flowers lower than the center flower in yellow and red. MTO shipping early November 2020

$13 Haunted in black/white

$12 Evil eye pendant only

$14 Eek and skull pendant

All patterns are original, copyright protected, Gaea Cannaday designs and cannot be reproduced, distributed, sold or taught without written consent of Gaea Cannaday. If you have any questions, please contact us via convo. 

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