Purchase To Help My Friend Shari / Set #23

This last year has been varying degrees of difficult for everyone but today I want to put a little attention on a friend who is having a particularly challenging year. I have known Shari Welch for over 30 years. If you know Shari, you know just how kind, strong and intelligent she is. If you don’t know Shari, please let me tell you a little bit about her. As an “A” student and Art History major at UCLA, Shari studied really hard (her art history Facebook posts are some of my favorites). And even with several health issues including macular degeneration she graduated with honors in the fall of 2019. Shari is legally blind which makes finding work extremely difficult. As a student Shari had her housing needs covered while attending classes. After graduating from UCLA she found herself homeless and jobless. A dear friend of Shari’s was in serious need of some help so Shari stored all her possessions and moved in to help her friend. This temporarily solved her homelessness. Unfortunately, this friend passed away in the fall, leaving Shari homeless again. Working with a Social Worker to find housing she is now living in a homeless shelter. I am glad my friend isn’t on the street but a homeless shelter has its own challenges especially with Covid-19. As all of her things are in storage in 2 different states, she still has a few bills to pay to keep them. I am having a series of sales to help her with her costs and to hopefully settle into a more permanent home.

Thank you so much for your purchase! Gaea and Shari

Set #23 Spooky Girl necklace. Ceramic pendant on chain.  19"

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